This picture inspires me to keep asking attention for people who need help. In doing what I can do best..
making films.


I took this picture during my work for the Dutch Refugee Foundation in Sudan. It is in camp Duma, 40 km from Nyala in Darfur, Sudan.

People had fled from their villages which were burnt by Arabic militia, the Janjaweed. There was not much aid in this camp, because it was too dangerous to work there. Even within the camp people were not safefrom being attacked. The situation was horrible.

This camp had a huge impact on me, especially this girl. Everywhere I was filming I saw her looking at me the way she does in this picture. For some reason our eyes met over and over again.

The frustration of leaving her and these people behind without being able to help was very difficult. But that is not my job... It’s my job to tell their story.
Esther Janmaat