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Video for Development works with camera-journalists.
This means that one person is filming, directing and editing the film.


  • flexible and low production costs.
    Video for Development works with small professional cameras. There will only be one or two persons on location. In this way we are flexible and can keep the production costs low. 
  • Working in difficult locations
    Because of the large workexperience in developing countries, VFD is used to working under difficult conditions. Just like you, we want to achieve maximum goals with minimum means.
  • Editing on location
    It is possible to edit on location and send the material through the internet. In this way you can bring real-time news.
  • Network of authors and photographers
    Video for Development has a big network of authors and photographers. It is possible to combine photo reports with text,so we can offer you a complete communication package.


Education Projects:

  • Video for Development thinks it important to pass knowledge on.
  • We offer courses in which we teach you how to make more professional and films and photoshoots.
  • In developing countries we can train your projectmanagers or employees to make and films and photo reports on the job.
    In this way you can set up a constant stream of communication.